Integrated Care Partnership

Family Planning

May 2013

Due to recent changes in our Nursing team, the Family Planning Clinic and the Well Woman Clinic are not available. Please make an appointment with your GP if you need advice.

Chlamydia Screening

‘Chlamydia screening is also available as part of the Surrey-wide ‘Go Check Yourself’ scheme, for patients who have no symptoms of infection, but would like a test for reassurance. This is a scheme where you can do a self-test at home, and then drop the specimen back to the practice to send off. The test involves a urine test for males and a vaginal swab for females, and the instructions are very easy to follow. The results are completely confidential and treatment, if required, will be arranged quickly and free-of-charge. Ask any GP or nurse for the self-testing pack, and they will be able to answer any of your questions. For more information on the scheme, visit the website If you are suffering any symptoms that you are worried may be an STI, please make an appointment to see a GP.

Long Acting Reversible Contraception Click here for more information