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Patient Participation Group(PPG) & Patient Newsletter

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is typically made up of a group of volunteer patients, one or more of the GPs from the practice, the practice manager or another manager. PPGs meet on a regular basis to discuss the services on offer, and how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice. From April 2016, it has been a contractual requirement for all English practices to form a patient participation group (PPG) during the year ahead and to make reasonable efforts to be representative of the practice population. PPGs seek to ensure that their practice puts the patient, and improving health, at the heart of what the practice does. There is no set way that PPGs work – the objectives and work of each group is decided by the group, taking account of local needs.
We are affiliated to the National Association of Patient Participation Groups (N.A.P.P.) and have 12 members from a variety of backgrounds & experiences. We meet approximately every two months.

Focus Groups – this is one of the ways that the PPG regularly collects views and opinions about health care requirements and ICP services in order to recommend improvements to ICP Partners and managers. Following focus group meetings, the PPG has previously with ICP to identify improvements such as replacing the 0844 premium-rate telephone number for enquiries and appointments, improved signage for disabled patients and the on-line appointment booking system. Focus groups are held a few times a year in the evenings and last about one and a half hours.

We have also worked to produce a summary of the recent Care Quality Commission0(CQC) inspection of Epsom General Hospital which we hope our patients will find helpful. This can be found under the ‘News’ tab on the Home page.
If you want to be part of a Focus Group, please ask at Reception or contact Vicki Parnell by email:
[email protected]
Your views are important and will be listened to. It may not be possible to act on every suggestion, but all feedback is very valuable.

The aims of the ICP PPG are to:

  • provide a forum to enable Medical Staff and Patients to discuss general medical matters and ways in which the delivery of health care could be improved for their mutual benefit.
  • be an effective means of communication between Patients and the Practice
  • suggest ways in which The Practice could provide for better communication with patients, notification of changes in providing healthcare or reminders about general health issues.

Working with the Partners we are now engaged in developing a new communication strategy to enhance significantly the flow of information to patients both about the practice in general and treatment of specific conditions.
We have now published the eleventh edition of the Patient Newsletter – there are links to this below. If you would like to receive the Newsletter electronically – please email to Vicki Parnell ( address at the bottom of this page ) -please note that there has been a delay in setting up the electronic transfer of the Patient Newsletter, but we hope to resolve this in due course.
Below is a link to some documents that might be of interest:

Annual Report 16-17

Chairman’s Report 2016-2017

Patient Newsletter :Four Corners March 2017

Patent feedback through the annual questionnaire indicates that there is in general a high level of satisfaction with the service of the ICP. It is not the intention of the PPG to act as a complaints service. Where these arise they are properly handled through the ICP complaints procedure.

We aim however, to encourage constructive comment and respond to general issues of concern to patients.

The PPG may be contacted via Vicki Parnell( Patient Liaison ) – based in The Annexe at Fitznells Manor Surgery  or by email to : [email protected]  Send Email

Revd. Dr. Patrick Miller
Chairman PPG