Integrated Care Partnership

Smoking Cessation Clinic

The SMOKING CESSATION CLINIC is now held at Stoneleigh Medical Centre in the Broadway, Stoneleigh. This is for one to one advice.
Currently the clinic runs every Wednesday morning starting at 8.30am.
Please note that patients do not have to be referred by a GP but can just telephone the surgery on 01372 724434 to make an appointment.

June 2013 – Update on Clinics:
In conjunction with the local authority/public health we have now arranged additional clinics which will run on a Thursday evening in the Wishing Well attached to Fitznells Manor Surgery in Ewell. These will be group sessions, run by 2 trained advisors and would typically last for 6 sessions. They will run from 18:30 – 20:00 and patients can either be advised to just turn up or can telephone 0845 602 3608.
The group will be an ongoing clinic meaning patients can join the clinic at any time

For more information or help on Smoking Cessation :
pick up a leaflet in the surgery,
click the link below : or telephone : 0845 602 3608